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Creating/Joining Alliances

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Creating/Joining Alliances

Post  EricPires9 on 10th August 2008, 8:06 pm

To create an alliance, just ask for one here. If I accept, you may get your own allaince. Then you can register it in this forum and ask people may ask to join it. If an alliance has more than 10 people in it, it'll be closed. An alliance leader must have much fiefdom because member groups will OBEY him and receive 10m≤ of fiefdom. The user that doesn't obey this rule will be banned from "Alliances". In addition, if a group has more than 10 users, the moderator(s) will also be banned from "Alliances" (because moderators control who are allies)

Anyway, after all these negative points, there's one positive here: while you are making alliances, you also increase your attack power, defeating strong enemies and ruling the game!

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